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We work with a network of government-accredited training providers to equip new learners and existing workforces with the skills and training needed to work in progressive green jobs in sectors including digital tech, fashion, food, energy, construction, logistics, engineering and more.

Award in Practical Environmental and Conservation Skills (Coming Soon)

This qualification provides learners with an introduction to environmental conservation and offers practical skills that can be used in the workplace and /or to improve future job prospects. Learners will have a concrete understanding of health and  safety for environmental studies, including risk assessment, safety procedures, first aid awareness...


Award in Practical Environmental and Conservation Skills (Coming Soon)

Award in Practical Environmental and Conservation Skill is designed to provide an introduction to the environmental conservation sector. Learners will gain knowledge and practical skills in environmental activities relating to habitats, boundaries and providing access to conservation areas. Learners can progress on to complete a Level 2 Cert in Practical Horticulture


NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Understanding Climate Change and Environmental Awareness

This qualification is designed to provide learners with an introduction to the principles of climate change and environmental awareness. It will ensure learners understand the nature of climate change and the role they can play in helping to reduce carbon emissions. Through achieving the qualification, learners will gain the knowledge and understanding to act as drivers of positive change within the workplace....

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Agricultural practices, industrial farming, deforestation, air pollution and fossil-fuel based industries are all contributing to the decline of our natural world habitats. Today, we are fast realising the consequences of humanity’s destructive practices as the health of our oceans has become threatened, sea levels continue to rise, wildlife is threatened, and extreme weather conditions all due to the negative actions of mankind.

The Green Britain Academy seeks to offer a genuinely alternative learning experience compared with the more traditional university route, with one sole mission at its core – to help create 700,000 low carbon jobs in the UK through the provision of tailored educational journeys. We know the world can be made a better place if we simply take a responsible approach to challenging the thinking and practices which have led to the current climate crisis and other environmental problems.

Through successful completion of any one of our network of training provider’s specially tailored courses, learners will become accredited Green Britain Academy graduates; a first step towards a truly rewarding career which will trigger positive change . As organisations continue to awaken to the business potential of a low-carbon economy, it is these skilled individuals that will be the influencers of tomorrow and make the most impactful changes on our society. 



The Green Britain Academy has a single, simple purpose: to help support the creation of 700,000 new green jobs in the UK by 2030. Whether you are a learner looking for new green skills, an employer looking to upskill your workforce or a training provider looking to join the green jobs revolution, our planet needs you; together we have the power to do incredible things. 

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Discover our key skills training courses for those who desire a job aligned with our green mission.

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It’s our mission to help create 700,000 green jobs in the UK to achieve positive change in our economy and in our environment.

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The Green Britain Academy is a deliberate move to establish UK innovation that supports the growth of our low carbon economy of the future. Facilitating fully-funded unique vocational pathways via a network of government-approved, quality training providers, our initiative is designed to boost the future of our country’s economy and our planet. 

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Green is no longer a fringe interest of ‘tree huggers’ or ‘eco warriors’ - it is at the heart of mainstream business thinking. Inspired by Dale Vince’s pioneering Green Britain campaign and his game changing book, Manifesto, we strive to change the UK and the world, just one career at a time. 

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Explore our employer opportunities and influence the development of the next generation workforce. 

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Exciting and dynamic vocational training pathways that pave the way for new job opportunities in a low carbon economy. 

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Our sole mission to help create 700,000 low carbon jobs in the UK is founded on our passion to defend our natural ecosystems, protect our planet and advocate for cleaner, greener communities, nationwide. Through the Green Britain Academy, we pledge to provide a first-class sustainable training opportunity that’s accessible to everyone across the UK. We make this happen by partnering with some of the UK’s largest green employers and government-approved, quality training providers to facilitate unique pathways to green jobs.

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